Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Multitude - Installation

The Multitude was installed in the basement of SOFA in the Christchurch Arts Centre. This dark, atmospheric space with its grungy decor and low ceilings was the perfect location for an exhibition, which was from the outset, a challenge to accepted modes of contemporary jewellery presentation. Whether visitors liked it or loathed it, the exhibition left an impression with all those that ventured down the narrow basement stairs. 

All of the works, with the exception of Elfi Spiewack's meticulously constructed bone cloak, were displayed in cardboard cases designed and constructed by Katy Wallace an innovative New Zealand furniture designer. The cases and the works were suspended giving the impression that the show was a series of floating treasures which had materialised in the heart of Christchurch. The works were a mix of alternative and traditional materials resulting in some very surprising outcomes.

Here are a few images of the exhibition installation taken by Caroline Billing and Mark Adams. Take a look through and judge for yourself. 

Fran Allison

Fran Allison, Warwick Freeman, Mary Curtis/Renee Bevan

Shelley Norton

Ross Malcolm

Andrea Daly, Anna Wallis, Warwick Freeman, Mary Curtis/Renee Bevan

Ross Malcolm, Shelley Norton, Andrea Daly, Anna Wallis